2018 / 05 / 21  16:49

【特惠活動,正式開催 !!】



【特惠活動,正式開催 !!

522日(二)~ 僅提供給前100位客人。》










Summer Giveaway officially starts !

5/22 (tue)~ First 100 arrivals.


We would like to inform all of our friends about the good news!

LOA has prepared a gift for all of our new customers, whether you found our store through social media or you were introduced by your friends you might receive a gift from us!


Weve prepared a pack of our traveling package with a bottle of cream and shampoo. Its a product made in Japan and its perfect for whoever is worrying about their oily skin, or those with damage from color-treatment or perms.


(Notice! This event is exclusively for new customers and may not be used with any other special discounts.) 




5/22(火)~ 先着100名様


新規のお客様 ,ご友人をご紹介して頂いたお客様に、当店でも使用しているオススメのご自宅用シャンプー&トリートメントを差し上げます!


特に頭皮の脂でボリュームが気になる方 ,カラーやパーマでダメージが気になる方の日頃のケアのお手伝いが出来ると思います。